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I am flattered

I am flattered that you felt my music is good enough to use in your work. But, I can't help but feeling a bit violated too. I guess I never think of vulgarities when I hear the song, and now you have changed that for me. But still, thanks, I guess. I like your general style of animating, but I do think you either need better comical timing or a better storyline for this kind of cartoons to work.

Hildebrandt responds:

Hi fella,
I am sorry, I usually do serious stuff.
It is your song, and if you don't like it being used in that way, I will take the film offline immediately. Just tell me.

As bad as this submission may be...

You still made me giggle.
I'm probably just tired, but I thought I'd let you know anyway.

Oh, and sandwiches ARE scary you know, not to be made fun of :(

it has a nice look

Nice animation technique! You should definitely use this for a bigger project! The overall rating for this entry is of course low (since there's no story etc.) but I like the 'fluidness' of the animation.

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Very addicting game, with a nice variation of difficulty between the levels.
Medals for this game would be a great extra! (But you still get a 10)

@randomdude: I think the last achievement (108 stars) is equivalent to 100%ing the game...

SilenGames responds:

Medals coming soon )

Quite entertaining

But I suggest, to make it more interesting, to give the game a nice casino-like or so background that would change after every 5 or 10k...
Difficulty levels are perfect to my taste.

Love the AI

It's great how this game really adapts to your strategy (I didn't take that seriously at first after I read the game description). The game is fun to play, and because of the game's AI, it's never the same game twice. I'd love to see more of your work ;)

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FF8 indeed :)

I like the pause at :36. It makes the track more dynamic and adds a feeling of really anxiously wanting to win the battle (all, of course, imho).

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I really love your work, and on this image I especially love the look of the docks and the houses behind them. The lighting on the side instead of the front of the houses is very original and gives them a beautiful depth. The detail on the ship is lovely too, although it seems to float above instead of on the water, but I can't really put my finger on why...
Overall, very beautifully done, lovely scenery. I really wish I had your skills... But I guess skill comes from lots of practice, and that means I might just some day arrive at the point where you are now.

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